[imageLaura Schwab is a certified Professional Daily Money Manager (PDMM®) who works with individuals in transition, seniors, and busy professionals, assisting them with their day-to-day financial and medical affairs.

Always the household financier, Laura began helping friends and neighbors who needed assistance in paying bills and organizing their finances. If they needed a medical advocate, she was there to help. Often asked why she wasn’t in business, Laura decided to start Daily Money Matters to continue doing what she enjoys.

Laura graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Finance and Management. To continue her education, she took MBA courses at Seton Hall University. Her earlier career included working for two Fortune 500 companies in the areas of Finance, Administration and Marketing.

Between these careers, Laura took time to raise her family and volunteer in her community. During this time, Laura put her expertise and training to use, managing a family of seven on one income.

Laura lives in Atlanta with her husband and “mostly” grown children.

PDMM® is a registered trademark of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. A PDMM commits to the stringent AADMM Code of Ethics, has a minimum of 1500 hours of experience in the field, and has fulfilled educational criteria to meet eligibility.

“With the decline of my husband's health, Laura helped me get a handle on our finances, settle the many insurance issues, and set-up/maintain a system that enables me to move forward with peace of mind. She is a real life-saver!"