etter organization, timeliness of bill payments, and a protective eye help make your financial life stress-free and manageable.

    Individuals in Transition:
  • A helping hand for those recently widowed or divorced
  • Assist families or spouses sorting out an estate
  • Educate and support those not accustomed to managing the household finances
  • Help develop and organize a money management system

  • Help maintain independence
  • Assist those with cognitive impairment, limited vision or other conditions that limit the ability to manage finances
  • Protect against fraud, scams and abuse
  • Assist those with the loss of a spouse, family member or friend who previously handled the finances
  • Relieve the burden on family members that cannot provide assistance themselves due to location, time or ability

    Adults Caring for Seniors:
  • Make your life more manageable by alleviating worry
  • Provide a protective eye for your loved ones that do not live nearby, helping you feel confident they are well supported
  • Allow for more quality time when you are with your Senior

    Busy Professionals and Frequent Travellers:
  • Free up time previously spent on paperwork
  • Peace of mind while you’re away
  • Consistent, reliable daily money management

"Laura is a top-notch professional who provides financial services to individuals unable to handle their own financial affairs. She prepares long-term care claims, organizes personal income tax information, creates budgets, and makes sure bills are paid. Laura is honest, dependable and has a special rapport with seniors. Her financial skills and personality make her a great asset and a joy to work with."
Angela, Business Manager at
St. George Village

"As a young professional, I needed financial coaching. Laura set up a system that keeps me financially organized and accountable. Now I can focus on what’s important to me--growing my business."
Robert, Entrepreneur